About EX-polyphosphate

About EX-polyphosphate®

Exclusive-polyphosphate® (EX-polyP®) is a vital biological substance that binds to various proteins to enhance its biological functions. Focusing on the size dependent unique function of EX-polyP® the development of research in various fields such as oral care can be actively performed.

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About RegeneTiss

About RegeneTiss

RegeneTiss is a state-of-the-art research institute originated from regenerative medicine research using EX-polyP®. After entrepreneurship as a venture from university, we have been at the forefront of EX-polyP® research, actively collaborating with universities around the world.

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Product informationMerchandise information

We provide various products with EX-polyP®, which you can more closely experience the potential of EX-polyP®.

  • Dentifrice / ToothpasteOral Care

    Dentifrice for easy teeth whitening at home

  • ToothbrushToothbrush

    Toothbrush for efficient removal of stains

  • Oral careSet Items

    Oral care for all family members

  • Scalp careScalp Care

    Scale care with long chain EX-polyP®


  • リジェンティス・オンラインストア
  • たかはた動物病院