About RegeneTiss

About RegeneTiss

Evolving the human body

Exclusive polyphosphate® (EX-polyP®), with chemical formula of (PnO3n+1)(n+2)-, is a biological substance that binds to proteins to enhance protein functions in the body. RegeneTiss is the pioneer of finding the importance of polyphosphate in the human body. Furthermore, we have established a patented technology to "adjust" the chain length of polyphosphate.
Knowing that polyphosphate has many functions including tissue regeneration, cell growth promotion, bone regeneration, whitening, hair growth and increased collagen production, by effectively utilizing EX-polyP® originally found in the human body, we can therefore expect more approaches to productization.

RegeneTiss aims to elucidate the unknown function of EX-polyP® and encourage further evolution of the human body, confront the troubles of health and beauty which had been difficult to solve until now, and contribute to longevity of healthy life by self-medication.

We have our hearts in our minds that RegeneTiss is the pioneer of EX-polyP® that originated from "regenerative medicine" research. Based on the meaning of "Tissue Regeneration", we have named our company "RegeneTiss".
We will continue to strive for steady research activities and innovative product development.

3 strengths of RegeneTiss

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    "Research achievements" driving the world

    As a top runner in fundamental research on EX-polyP®, we have been conducting joint research with universities around the world while clarifying further new functions as a result of long-standing research achievements through research on regenerative medicine research.

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    Leading company of EX-polyP®

    We are the forerunner of product development using EX-polyP®, and as the only company in the world to manufacture EX-polyP®, we are engaged in day and night research and development at the state-of-the-art facility.

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    "Made in Japan" quality

    All products of RegeneTiss are produced at research and development facilities in the city of Tokyo and manufacturing plants in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture. Under the strict hygiene control, the factory has received the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's Quasi-drugs and Cosmetics Manufacturing Industry’s approval, and it is safe and secure to guarantee the domestic product quality.