About EX-polyphosphate®

About EX-polyphosphate®(EX-polyP®)

Polymer containing phosphate units linked together into a chain is called “polyphosphate”, and polyphosphate that has been adjusted into appropriate chain lengths for different applications is referred to as “exclusive-polyphosphate (EX-polyP®)”.

In vivo, polyphosphate has been widely studied since mid-20th century with Russian of Science Academy as the pioneer in the field. It is considered as one of the origin-of-life substances after the discovery of polyphosphate from submarine volcanoes.

In recent years, since the successful detection of polyphosphate in the human body, its role in interacting with proteins to enhance protein function in the body is slowly uncovered, and thus it is now one of the most prominent biological substances in the world.

Originated from regenerative medicine research, RegeneTiss now productizes for oral care, skin care and supplement applications.

Focusing on the size dependent unique function of EX-polyP®, the development of research in various fields relating with “self-medication” can be actively performed.