Company information

Company information

Through EX-polyP®, towards the environment that everyone around the world can easily maintain health and prevent diseases.

Message from the president

With the increase in ageing population in recent years, the interest in extending a healthy life span is increasing. If we can live a healthy life even at old age, not only we can fully enjoy life but also contribute to the reduction of medical expenses of elderly people, which is becoming a major social problem. In order to prolong the healthy life expectancy, it is necessary for each and every person to maintain good health and prevent diseases. However, there is no such methods that anyone can easily conduct daily, or such products that sufficiently help people achieve this goal. Therefore, RegeneTiss, through research on EX-polyP® which has an important role in tissue regeneration of living organisms and product development using it, strives for the environment that anyone in the world to maintain health and prevent diseases.
EX-polyP® is a polymeric substance present in the human body. Other than regeneration promotion, its functions are diverse and has important physiological functions that are not yet discovered. In fact, new functions of EX-polyP® are being elucidated at universities overseas, and some academically important discoveries have been revealed.
RegeneTiss not only advances research and product development using EX-polyP®, but also supports EX-polyP® research actively conducted in universities and research institutions around the world.
Through EX-polyP®, we perform new research and product development, and produce reliable products so that further healthy life extension will be possible in the future.

Yoshikazu Shiba

Introducing the president

President, Toshikazu Shiba

After completing a Ph.D at the Graduate School of Medicine (Doctor of Medicine) in Osaka University, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Professor Arthur Kornberg in the Department of Biochemistry at Stanford University School of Medicine, USA (awarded Nobel Medical Physiology Award in 1959). He was the first Japanese to start research on polyphosphate in vivo. After that, he was appointed as an assistant professor at the Hokkaido University Graduate School, where he continued his research on polyphosphate. Based on the polyphosphate research, he established a venture company, and is currently engaged in research and development as the president of RegeneTiss, Inc. At the same time, he is continuing his research on the physiological function of polyphosphate as a visiting professor at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Company profile

RegeneTiss USA Inc.
400 N. Tustin Ave, Suite 240, Santa Ana, CA 92705
代表取締役 柴 肇一
company name
Headquarters and manufacturing base
1-4-1, Kawagishinishi, Okaya, Nagano 394-0046, Japan
Tokyo branch
1-7-20, Higashi, Kunitachi, Tokyo 186-0002, Japan
US Company
RegenTiss USA Inc.
400 N. Tustin Ave, Suite 240, Santa Ana, CA 92705
President & CEO
Toshikazu Shiba
46,500,000 JPY
Research, development, manufacturing and distribution of medical related products.
number of employees

Research, development and manufacturing base

Research, development and manufacturing base

US Company
RegeneTiss USA Inc.
400 N. Tustin Ave, Suite 240, Santa Ana, CA 92705


Years 2001-04 Adopted Ministry of Education's "Innovative New Technology Development Research Proposal Public Offering System"
Years 2003-05 Adopted New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization's (NEDO: Independent administrative agency) Industrial technology practical development project
Year 2004 Jan Established RegeneTiss, Inc.
Mar Opened Tokyo office
Year 2005 Apr Received the 5th Bio Business Competition Japan Excellence Award
Oct Newly established GMP compliant factory in Okaya City, Nagano prefecture
Year 2006 Dec Received approval for manufacturing and manufacturing/sales business of quasi-drugs and cosmetics
Year 2007 Adopted Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation (SME support: Independent administration agency) "SME/Venture Challenge Support Project"
Oct Winner of the Business Plan Contest 2007 organized by the Technology Advanced Metropolitan Area (Kanto Economic Industry Bureau Director's Award)
Year 2008 Nov Tokyo office (including laboratory) moved to Koganei City
Year 2009 Oct Winner of the Japan Bio Venture Award (Fuji Sankei Business Eye Award)
Dec Winner of the 7th Tama Blue Green Award (Excellence Award).
Received Special prize (Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Award)
Year 2011 Feb Winner of the Japan Venture Awards JVA Jury Special Award (University-initiated Venture Special Award)
Year 2013 Mar Year 2013 Best Company Award System, Best Emerging Company Award (Tokyo Metropolitan Shinkin Bank Association)
Year 2014 Dec Moved Tokyo office from Koganei City to Kunitachi City

Origin of company logo


Although polyphosphate is a simple phosphate polymer, it symbolizes the chemical formula of its basic repeated unit, therefore it has been used for our company logo design. In addition, as a company contributing to health care, we have used three shades of green color to symbolically represent the development of "sprout" of novel technologies and products.

General formula of polyphosphate

If phosphate (PO3) is regarded as one unit, then polyphosphate is many phosphate units linked to become a long chain. The polyphosphate chain length can consist of 3 to 1000 phosphate units linked together. In commonly used cosmetics and quasi-drugs, sodium polyphosphate complex is used. The sodium salt is not acidic so it becomes neutral when dissolved in water.

General formula of polyphosphate